IPL 2018 Live action free for Bharti Airtel users though Airtel TV app


Free cricket streaming for All IPL matches

Airtel was about to launch their TV app, and they took real advantage of the IPL as everybody in India is going to watch IPL as it’s their home league, and it has a very high rating. Not everybody can go to watch live cricket in the stadium; they have to have other options like TV and live streaming on the internet. But affording a good internet package with good speed is not for everyone. So Airtel took advantage of the situation, and they launched the app with a free IPL live streaming for their TV app users. Every person who has some reason to stay away from home like for business and work, they have to watch it over internet streaming. And who does not want to save money, they are all going to download the app and enjoy IPL 2018.

IF you haven’t downloaded download it now

Today is the first match of IPL, and everybody is going to watch it because it is one of the biggest battles that you are going to see in this session of IPL. Chennai super kings are playing against the defending champions and the winners of the previous IPL Mumbai Indians. Both teams are really strong, and you would not want to miss this match, and if you do, you are going to regret it later. MS Dhoni is leading; Suresh Raina is back what other reasons you need to watch today IPL match Live. If you were going to watch it online, then you must download the Airtel TV app and enjoy it for free and save your money for snacks.

 Some features of Airtel TV app for IPL lovers

Airtel TV app is not just providing a high-quality live cricket match it also has many other features that you are going to like. You can follow your favorite team and then the notification about the matches; are going to be delivered to your mobile phone. If you are using the app you will also get the scorecard updates if you are away from the live streaming criclive . What else an app can offer you. Cricket lovers are going to love this app and the features of the app. it is very useful for the busy person who has a love for cricket but cannot keep up with it.

Working and staying updated

This Airtel TV app is one of a kind as it is providing so many facilities for the IPL lovers. You can follow your teams; you can see the insides of the teams and on which grade they are. What is the position of your team in IPL, live scorecard notifications, live streaming and everything for nothing? You do not have to pay anything for so many facilities and options. That is totally cool and wonderful, and it sounds. You will just need to download the Airtel TV app and start enjoying the thrill and sensation of the match that is going to start today at 20:00 in Mumbai. The match is going to be the best because the teams are in form and players are eager to make a base from the start. One of the teams that are going to play the startup match could be the winner of the IPL cup again because Chennai super kings won 2 IPL and Mumbai Indian won last IPL, so chances of their win are high but who is better among these two is going to be today’s match’s decision.

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