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Some of the details about the passion of cricket in the world:

Before telling you about how to watch cricket live streaming, let me tell you the importance of cricket in different regions of the world.

Cricket is the game of England, but now almost all over the world, the cricket is celebrated like a festival, but here you can easily come to know about the most passionate parts of the world in cricket.

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The passion for cricket in Pakistan:

There are huge numbers of fans of cricket in Pakistan who are crazily passionate about cricket and cricket is everything for them. Some of the terrorist and rival countries played rivalry trick which resulted in the loss of Pakistan in the field of cricket. Cricket was one the primary source of cherishing and pleasure for Pakistani’s that too was taken away which is the result of the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan.

Even though the cricket had been taken away from Pakistan, but the spirit of cricket is worth watching in Pakistan. From child to oldie, everyone is a huge fan of cricket watching as well as playing. The most familiar game of children in streets of Pakistan is also cricket which shows that Pakistan is on the list of those countries which have the most passion for cricket in the world.

The love of cricket in India:

If we say that cricket is being worshiped in India, then these words are absolutely in the right combination. The love of cricket in India is worth watching. The fans in India are die-hearted fans of cricket and crazy about cricket. They can do anything for cricket. They somehow manage to see almost every match held in cricket. The game of cricket is related to England, but cricket is increasing and flourishing amazingly in the sub-continent countries as well as many other nations like Australia and New Zealand, etc.

In fact, in the semi-final match of cricket in the world cup of 2011 between Pakistan and India, some of the poor fans of cricket in India stunned the world by selling their kidneys to buy the tickets for the match. It is an amazing thing which makes India the part of the most passion of cricket in the world.

The passion for cricket in Australia:

Cricket is the national game of England, but nowadays the Australia is making serious progress in cricket and taking the lead among all other countries. The passion in Australia is also some serious stuff that is worth watching. And this is all about the love of cricket which made Australia the champions of cricket many times. This thing makes Australia in the list of those countries that have the most passion for cricket in the world.


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